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Our documentaries cover a wide range of subjects. We write and produce video documentaries for families, museums, and corporations. 

We recently completed the installation of a major documentary project in Laredo,Texas shown below. This project included the production and installation of an interactive, touchscreen kiosk that housed a nine minute video documentary which we wrote and produced. The kiosk included a motion sensor that triggered a welcome message when someone approached the kiosk. Upon touching the screen the video documentary begins to play. The installed documentary paid tribute to the life and times of A.M. Bruni, one of the major historical figures in the development of the city of Laredo. The kiosk was installed in the Bruni Plaza Library lobby along with a static display, which we developed, highlighting Bruni family artifacts and photographs. Click on any photo below to enlarge and view.

To view this documentary click on the arrow below.

We also installed a second kiosk in the Senator Judith Zaffirini Student Success Center on the campus of Texas A&M International University shown below. Click on any photo below to enlarge and view.

Below is a 7 minute excerpt from the recently completed 32 minute documentary on World War I which covered the causes and history of the war, letters from soldiers fighting on the Western Front, activities on the home front, and a tribute to the local boys who died in the war. This documentary was shown on November 11, 2018 to a packed house and received high praise. Please adjust your sound and click on the white arrow to view. You may also view in full screen..

Below are excerpts from two documentaries I wrote and produced paying tribute to soldiers from our local community who were killed in the Korean War and in War World War II. 


The above excerpt shows the first 7 minutes of a 30 minute documentary written and produced for our local museum to celebrate Veterans Day, 2017. I met with family members, researched historical books and sites on the Internet, collected personal letters, family photographs, movies, and historical memorabilia and then wrote and produced the documentary. This documentary focused on Cecil Newman's life, letters he wrote to his girlfriend and later wife, his wartime travels, and the unusual circumstances surrounding his capture and death. Please adjust your sound. You can also view in full screen.



The above excerpt is the first 6 minutes of a 30 minute documentary written and produced for our local museum to celebrate Armed Forces Day, 2016 and to pay tribute to John Green Ellzey, a local soldier killed during World War II. The documentary focused on his life, letters he wrote to his mother during the war, his wartime travels, and the unusual circumstances surrounding his death. The documentary was well received and highly praised by all who viewed the documentary.

To view a full version of any of the above documentaries please contact us at 361.676.7530 or send us an email at 

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